YAY VR Presenting: Our biggest competition yet

20 000:- is at stake.

Winner takes it all.

This is how it works

Just like in the old days of classic arcade gaming the HIGH SCORE list was the holy grail. It’s simple.

If your name is at the very top of the list as the competition is over, you get 20 000 kr.

You just have to prove you’re the best VR-gamer out there… Get practicing – practice make perfect.

1. Download the app; Apple / Android

2. Book as many sessions of Street Beat: 20 000:- as you can!

3. Play. Play again. And again.

4. Become awesome.

5. Top the list. Win!

Join now to be awesome & end up among the top four when the competition closes on June 8th to be invited to play in the finals on the 18th of June!
You need to be 13+ years old to join the competition. 
Check out the full terms for the competition here.

If you have any questions, please send an mail to [email protected]

Tips! How to play