Angry Birds: Isle of the pigs

Help Red, Chuck, Bomb and the Blues rescue the stolen eggs in Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, an immersive VR adventure! Explore the faraway island where greedy green pigs vacation in 104 fun levels! Move to the party city via the peaceful "holiday levels" of exotic beaches, steep cliffs and snow-covered slopes, while destroying various structures in incredibly spectacular ways. As soon as the new pig boss, Dr Frankensvin, takes over it's time to use the slingshot to tackle "ghost levels" of increasing difficulty, where the beaches are scary, the cliffs are dangerous and the slopes are slimy.

How to play?

In each level, you can choose between different angles for the slingshot and use classic components from the Angry Birds games to progress and score as many points as possible. And by making use of the birds’ special skills – e.g. Bomb’s explosive power – can you score more points. But the fun doesn’t stop here – the Level Builder gives players the creative freedom to design and play their own levels with their favorite birds!

Game with movement

For all ages

PEGI 3: For all ages

10min = 99kr (incl. VAT)

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