We’re bringing back the classic arcade experience.

YAY VR is a self-service VR innovation in the form of a cube. Experience what VR means in the kinda futuristic year of 2022. Single player, VS. or co-op – It’s fun, easy and social. #yayvr


Welcome to Westfield Mall of Scandinavia

Find us on floor 1, in the isle outside of Mango. Open everyday 10.00 - 21.00.

We will soon open more locations, follow us on Instagram to get the latest updates.


Angry Birds:
Isle of pigs

Help Red, Chuck, Bomb and the Blues rescue the stolen eggs in Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, an immersive VR adventure!

Read more & book here

Street Beat:
New York

An entertaining rhythm game which invites you to move your body to avoid obstacles while crushing as many blocks as possible to the beat of the music.

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Space Pirate

A high paced space shooter with the goal to survive waves of attacking droids, using laser and magnet weapons paired with movement & a plasma shield to collect scores and last for as many rounds possible.

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Street Beat:
20 000:-

Competition ends on the 8th of June, finals for the topp four on the High Score list on the 18th of June!

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More games coming up

We will add more and more games every month, follow us on Instagram to get the latest updates.


It’s easy & fun for everyone…


1. Choose a game & book a time slot via the app, website or the touch screen on the outside of the YAY VR cube. Pay with Swish.

2. Open the door with your phone. Enter the cube & follow the instructions on the screen inside.

3. Play & have fun.

4. Download the app to get your selfie, see scores, and more!


Questions and answers...

1Do I need to download the app?
No. But you can, and we recommend it as you will get access to scoreboards, and a selfie or a selfie video depending on what game you're playing. You can also book through our web booking and even on the touch screen on one of the actual YAY VR cubes.
2What does it cost?
99kr for 10min of playtime. Pro tip: You can earn credits* by sharing photos & videos on instagram using #yayvr. (*1 credit = 1SEK, when earning credits they get connected to your phone number and can be used to pay for YAY VR bookings)

3Where can I play?
At the moment we have two cubes at Westfield Mall of Scandinavia in Solna, Sweden. More locations are coming, follow yay_vr at Instagram for the latest news on new locations!
4How do you keep it clean?
We disinfect the VR headset and controllers between every player using a UV light box, there is a dispenser filled with sanitizing alcohol wipes inside the VR cube, and we have a cleaning crew that comes one to two times each day and clean the entire cube inside and out!
5How do you keep the cube and players safe?
We have a security company with 24/7 onsite access to the cubes that can help out in a worst case scenario, camera surveillance, and a support number for emergencies or problems with the experience that needs to be addressed immediately, as well as an emergency exit button on the inside of the cube.
1How do I pay?
At the moment you will need to use Swish, although we’ll soon make card payment possible.
2Which games can I play?
You can choose between Street Beat: New York and Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs, but we will continue to add more games so keep your eyes on our Instagram to see when we release new ones!

3How long can I play for?
At the moment you can only book 10 min slots, but we will ad the option to book longer sessions soon.
4How many people can play at the same time?
IMPORTANT: You can only be one person in the VR cube at a time, although we have two cubes next to each other at Westfield Mall of Scandinavia so you can book and play at the same time as your friends.

If your booking for someone between 7 - 13 years we recommend that you:
– Follow them into the cube
– Help with adjusting the equipment
– Make sure the player follows the steps on the inside screen
– Stay in the cube throughout the entire game session
5Is there an age limit?
Yes, we’ve set the age to 13 years or older to play unsupervised given current industry recommendations.

If you're booking for someone under 13, please see the answer on the question above ( How many people can play at the same time? )



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